An experience recording of a 'proof of concept' VR art experience, created in 2016 for future development. Musician Ashia Bison Rouge performs music she has written in response to the painting positioned opposite her in the VR space.


This VR experience puts the viewer in the middle of a dialogue between music and visual art in virtual reality, its aim is to experiment with translating the energy of art into a visceral experience.


Concept: Claudia Maneka Maharaj and Rachael Newport (VisitoRs Studio)
Music written and performed by: Ashia Bison Rouge
Painting by: Maneka
Sound recording and mixing by: Lukas Panayi
Scripting by: Sebastian Himberger
Build and design by: Claudia Maneka Maharaj

Produced by: Claudia Maneka Maharaj and Rachael Newport