An experience recording of the 'proof of concept' VR art experience I am making in

collaboration with VisitoRs Studio.

Musician Ashia Bison Rough performs beautiful music she has written to go with my painting.

The goal in creating this piece is to put the viewer in the middle of dialogue between

music and visual art.

Concept: Claudia Maneka Maharaj and Rachael Newport
Music written and performed by: Ashia Bison Rouge
Painting by: Maneka
Sound recording and mixing by: Lukas Panayi
Scripting by: Sebastian Himberger
Build and design by: Claudia Maneka Maharaj

Produced by: Rachael Newport and Claudia Maneka Maharaj

I am an Australian artist who was born in South Africa. As an immigrant the notion of "fitting in" has always been at the forefront for me and as such the reoccurring theme explored in my work is identity. Using realism as a jumping off point, my work heads towards the abstract with messy, emotional and sometimes violent clashes of colour. I use renderings of the ego and alter ego to express lust, longing, loneliness and feelings of displacement. My work also in some cases references other artists. My practice extends across the fields of Visual Arts, Video Art and Virtual Reality. In all these areas I strive to use vivid aesthetic configurations to create an emotional connection with you.


© Maneka 2017